Let Bizvision® Generate Sales/Exposure for Your Videos

BizVision's® goal is to expand and streamline the market for business video. By creating an online marketplace for pay-per-view, ad/sponsor-supported, and other  business video content, BizVision® enables consumers around the globe to have unrestricted access to your videos at prices they can afford, or even for free. Beyond allowing unlimited access, BizVision® will also mount an aggressive marketing campaign to make sure millions of potential viewers will be exposed to your quality content.

Here's how you'll benefit from having BizVision® host and market your videos:

Mass Markets, Massive Marketing Exposure

  • Your marketplace will be significantly expanded to include individual business people, small businesses and international buyers, in addition to your typical corporate customers
  • Exposure to your videos will increase substantially through PR, advertising, search marketing, partnerships with affiliate sites, and other elements of BizVision® multi-million dollar marketing campaign

Maximize Margins, Reduce Costs

  • No BizVision® listing/hosting fees
  • No duplication or shipping costs
  • Shortened sales cycles
  • No more hard copy previews

  • Standard distribution commissions

Maintain Control

  • You set/adjust your own pay-per-view prices, if applicable
  • Use your own descriptions
  • Proven digital rights management system that protects your video assets from unauthorized copying or distribution more

State-of the-Art Site

  • Highest quality online video
  • Real-time access to viewing and sales results of your videos
  • One convenient site for all buyers/viewers of business video

How to Become a BizVision® Producer Partner

  1. Click on the button below
  2. Complete your producer profile and content descriptions
  3. Upload your content
  4. Generate revenues/exposure
  5. If you have more questions or want further information, please contact producer@BizVision.com


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