Corporate Account

First of all, BizVison® can be an incredibly convenient resource when you need to search for and preview video-based training for your company. A vast library of business training videos is literally at your fingertips.

Second, BizVision® enables you to prescribe solutions for the needs of individual employees. How often have you been frustrated when an associate could benefit from training, but you couldn’t justify the cost of buying a video, attending an off-site seminar, or creating a course for just one or a few employees? Because all our offerings are either free or priced for individual consumption, you now have an alternative that allows you to make recommendations on an individual level. You can either do the searching yourself and send specific links to your associates or simply refer them to the site so they can explore for themselves.

Finally, use BizVision® videos to supplement your in-person, instructor-led presentations. When you select the group–view purchase option, you can download the video to your laptop so it can be projected for one-time use. If you need to show the video to more than one group, you can purchase the DVD or we can arrange for an unlimited use download.

How BizVision® Can Help Your Organization


The ® site can easily be designed to reflect the look and feel of your company, including your logo. You can also select from our vast library and offer a limited, customized curriculum of titles to your employees and update your offering as often as you’d like.

Portal/LMS Access

BizVision® can be integrated to make our content accessible through an existing employee portal or learning management system (LMS). If preferable for your IT infrastructure, BizVision® can be placed behind your corporate firewall. We can even offer solutions that drastically minimize the bandwidth required to deliver video over your internal networks.

Flexible Pricing Options

If your organization would prefer to have a corporate account with a single monthly invoice instead of having employees purchase videos on their own, just say the word. We can also place a “cap” or spending limit so employees can’t exceed individual or department budgets.

Deliver Your Own Videos

The robust BizVision® platform can also be used to host and deliver your own, internally-produced videos. Of course, viewing can be limited to only your own employees. If your organization is like many, you have a video library that is just gathering dust for lack of an effective means of making it easily accessible.

If you have questions or would like more information about any of these organizational options, send an email to or call 800-811-0230.


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