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The World’s Best Producers & Subject-Matter Experts

BizVision’s® affiliate producers offer some of the highest quality training available. They have spent years distinguishing themselves as experts in various fields of business, and also in teaching business skills and knowledge through the means of video.

Keep Up-To-Date

Issues affecting the business world can change rapidly. That’s why BizVision® is constantly seeking the newest in the business training world and updating our site regularly. Keep up-to-date by becoming a registered user and keep yourself and your company moving forward with our help.

Convenience & Accessibility

BizVision’s® big idea is to take training videos that were once expensive (hundreds of dollars or more), and marketed primarily to companies with large training budgets, and make them accessible to you at easily affordable prices (usually less than $10). There are also many free videos available. But, we didn’t stop there. We added another layer of convenience by making these videos available online and on demand, allowing you to learn whatever you want, whenever and wherever you want. It has never been easier to find and learn the skills you need.

Comprehensive Video Library

BizVision® is the Web’s largest business video library. We currently have several thousand videos divided into more than 90 business categories. You can find the videos you need by browsing the categories in our library, or you can search for them by keyword, title, or producer. We’ve gone to great lengths to provide you with some of the most valuable business learning resources in one convenient and easily navigable website.

The Power of Video

The combination of seeing and hearing makes learning more effective. When we are visually and auditorily engaged we understand material quicker and retain it longer—five times more than reading alone. In addition, we need to see certain skills in action before we can fully grasp them. On BizVision.comyou can watch sales experts demonstrate their proven sales techniques, you can see customer service trainers handle angry customers, or you can sit in on public speaking presentations from those who speak for a living—all skills better seen than read about.

User Reviews & Free Previews

With our free previews and user reviews you can see if the video is right for you. If you liked the video or if it wasn't what you had hoped for, please let us and other users know by rating the video and writing a review. If you find a problem with a video, if you have trouble with the site’s functionality, or if you have a general suggestion, don’t hesitate to tell us. We want to ensure BizVision® lives up to its mission of helping you move forward fast.