About BizVision®

BizVision's® mission is to provide on-demand access to 1,000s of quality training/business videos for a fraction of the cost of hardcopy DVDs. Individuals, small businesses and large companies can all take advantage of BizVision's® comprehensive library to move "forward fast." Although BizVision® was officially founded early in 2008, our relationships with quality business video producers Broadcast Internationalgo back over twelve years. We have been able to leverage those relationships to make the best content from the best producers conveniently available to business viewers worldwide. Until now, much of this content has only been accessible as DVDs at a cost of hundreds of dollars each. With BizVision®, all these videos are available on-demand either at no charge or for a nominal pay-per-view fee.

BizVizion® was founded by Rob Chipman and he serves as President/CEO. Prior to the launch of BizVision®, he was VP/Sales & Marketing at Broadcast International (BI)Rob Chipman. Previously, he was Founder and CEO of TrainSeek, Inc., a leading online marketplace for training products and services. Before starting TrainSeek, he had a previous tour of duty with BI serving as Director of Marketing, Vice president of Marketing for the Lawyers Communication Network (BI's joint venture with the American Bar Assn. and Intel) and General Manager of Business Vision™ (BI's satellite-delivered business training channel). Prior to BI, Rob was Founder and President of Multimark, Inc., a marketing services company and Vice President of Sales/Marketing for alternative media company AdMedia International. He began his marketing career with O. C. Tanner, an employee recognition company, holding positions in communications, marketing research and sales management. An honors graduate of the University of Utah, Rob earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications.